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Liga Fantástica Deportiva

Liga Fantástica Deportiva

Ridley Dportiva be a volatile fantasy Liga Fantástica Deportiva with Titans. Fantástiac de pantalla iPhone iPad. Selecciona tu Liga o Torneo. Pendale Indoor Soccer League. Boston Globe Media Partners. Legal Sports Report.

Liga Fantástica Deportiva -

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Permian Soccer League. Grupo A Grupo B. San Luis Soccer League. Cuarta Femenil Primera Segunda Segunda B Tercera. The history of fantasy games can be traced to the 19th century. The tabletop game Sebring Parlor Base Ball , introduced in , allowed participants to simulate games by propelling a coin into slots on a wooden board.

Players with better statistics in the previous season were more likely to receive favorable outcomes; this allowed National Pastime to become one of the first games to try to simulate the performances of real-life MLB players.

An example of such games was APBA , which was first released in and also contained cards of MLB players with in-game outcomes correlated to their stats from past seasons. Participants could compose fantasy teams from the cards and play against each other or recreate previous seasons using the statistics on the cards.

In , another early form of fantasy baseball was coded for the IBM computer by John Burgeson , then working for IBM. The computer would then use random number generation and player statistics to simulate a game's outcome and print a play-by-play description of it. While some of these fantasy games produced outcomes based on the performances of real athletes, they were not designed to be played out over the course of a season, nor did they take current statistics into account, relying instead on those from previous years.

In the s, Oakland, California businessman and future limited partner in the Oakland Raiders Wilfred "Bill" Winkenbach developed a fantasy golf game in which participants would select a roster of professional golfers and compare their scores at the end of a given tournament, with the lowest combined total of strokes winning.

In , sociologist William A. Gamson developed the Baseball Seminar league, in which participants would draft rosters of active MLB players and compare results at the end of the season based on the players' final batting averages , earned run averages , runs batted in , and win totals.

One of Sklar's students was Daniel Okrent. Two years later, in a New York City hotel room during a Raiders cross-country trip, Winkenbach, along with Raiders public relations employee Bill Tunnel and Oakland Tribune reporter Scotty Stirling , developed the rules that would eventually be the basis of modern fantasy football.

Modern fantasy baseball was developed and popularized in the s by a group of journalists who created Rotisserie League Baseball in The league was named after the New York City restaurant La Rotisserie Française, where its founders met for lunch and first played the game.

Rotisserie baseball, nicknamed roto , [15] proved to be popular despite the difficulties of compiling statistics by hand, which was an early drawback to participation. The second season, there were rotisserie leagues in every Major League press box. And that was what popularized it and spread it around very, very widely.

Before the advent of the Internet , fantasy sports grew through print publications, such as magazines and newspapers.

In , Fantasy Football Index , the first national magazine dedicated to fantasy football, was launched by Ian Allan and Bruce Taylor. In , a pair of nationwide fantasy games, Dugout Derby and Pigskin Playoff, were launched in a variety of newspapers across the United States, including the Arizona Republic , [18] the Hartford Courant , [19] the Los Angeles Times , [20] [21] and the Miami Herald.

The games served as an early version of today's daily fantasy sports by rewarding each week's highest-scoring participants with prizes. In , the magazine Fantasy Football Weekly was launched. The growth of the Internet during the s brought a "broad demographic shift in fantasy sports participation" [27] because it enabled fantasy sports participants to instantaneously download tabulated statistics, rather than having to search for box scores of individual games in newspapers and keep track of cumulative statistics on paper.

In , ESPN launched its first entirely Internet-based fantasy baseball game, with other major sports and entertainment companies following suit in the ensuing years.

CBS Sports began offering fantasy football leagues in , [32] the same year that the fantasy news website now known as RotoWire was launched. com later that year. A trade group for the industry, the Fantasy Sports Trade Association , was formed in During the first decade of the s, fantasy sports started to become a mainstream hobby.

In , the National Football League NFL found that while the average male surveyed on its website spent 6. As a result of the survey's findings, the league made fantasy offerings more prominent on its website and produced television ads for fantasy football featuring active players.

Daily fantasy sports are accelerated versions of the traditional fantasy format in which contests are conducted over shorter periods than a full season, often lasting one week or even a single day.

Daily fantasy games are typically subject to an entry fee, a portion of which funds a prize pool that is distributed among the game's winner or winners. In June , Fantasy Sports Live, one of the first daily fantasy sites, was launched.

Following venture capital investments from various firms, including from professional sports leagues such as MLB and the National Basketball Association NBA , [40] DraftKings and FanDuel launched an aggressive marketing campaign prior to the NFL season.

In November , DraftKings entered into a multi-year sponsorship deal with the NHL. The legality of daily fantasy sports has been questioned, with critics arguing that they more closely resemble proposition wagering on athlete performance than a traditional fantasy sports game.

National Collegiate Athletic Association , which allowed states to legalize sports betting, questions surrounding the legality of daily fantasy sports, as well as fantasy sports in general, within the United States have largely been settled.

As of May , while 33 US states have operational legalized sports betting, [50] 45 states have legalized daily fantasy sports. Outside of North America, the fantasy industry has also experienced a recent period of growth. The development of daily fantasy sports has encouraged growth in European markets.

The Fantasy Sports Trade Association was formed in to represent the growing industry in the United States and Canada. The Fantasy Sports Writers Association was formed in to represent the growing numbers of journalists covering fantasy sports exclusively.

Research has shown that fantasy players are also generally stronger consumers alcoholic beverages, fast food, airline travel, video games, sports periodicals, athletic shoes, and cell phones relative to the general population. Due to the popularity of fantasy sports, major sports networks such as ESPN , NFL Network , and Fox Sports have created dedicated weekly fantasy programming to analyze player performance and predict outcomes in relation to particular scoring systems.

The Fantasy Show utilizes puppets and comedy to present statistical information about NFL players. Providing the latest info are analysts Matthew Berry , Field Yates and licensed physical therapist Stephania Bell , who gives injury updates. NFL Network aires NFL Fantasy Live as an hour long program containing a consistent weekly segment list that viewers can count on to help them manage their team.

NFL Fantasy Live is hosted by Cole Wright and features Michael Fabiano, Adam Rank, Marcas Grant, Akbar Gbaja-Biamila , Graham Barfield and statistics analytics expert Cynthia Frelund. Fox Sports Net aires Fantasy Football Hour on a weekly basis during the NFL season hosted by Katy Winge and features industry experts Brad Evans and Nate Lundy.

Fantasy sports are generally considered to be a form of gambling , though they are far less strictly regulated than other forms of sports betting. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of UIGEA , was enacted as part of the "American Values Agenda" of and was added as an amendment to the unrelated SAFE Port Act.

While the act does not alter the legality of any particular activity permitted or prohibited under other laws, it does contain some express exemptions to its funds transfer prohibitions.

Because the UIGEA exempted fantasy sports from its definition of a bet or wager, there is a misconception that fantasy sports were made legal by the UIGEA. Code, such as the Federal Wire Act 18 U. Code § which prohibits interstate sports wagering and the Illegal Gambling Business Act 18 U.

Code § which prohibits the interstate conduct of wagering activity prohibited under state law. Whether state laws can regulate fantasy sports conducted across state lines depends on whether fantasy sports are a form of sports wagering under federal law. This is because the Federal Wire Act prohibits the conduct of sports wagering in interstate or foreign commerce.

National Collegiate Athletic Association struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, which had prohibited states from authorizing any wagering, lottery, betting, sweepstakes or other wagering scheme that is based directly or indirectly on games in which professional or amateur athletes participate or on the performance of any athletes in such games.

Where states have not expressly authorized fantasy sports contests, usually general gambling laws prohibit lotteries or wagering if three elements are present: an entry fee known as "consideration" , a prize a "reward," in legal terms and chance. For some states, if skill dominates the outcome of the event, then the contest is legal, and passes what is called the "dominant factor test.

Several states have clarified that paid fantasy sports contests are games of skill and exempt from gambling laws, beginning with Maryland in One exception is the state of Nevada, which has an exemption in PASPA to allow for sports betting.

The Nevada attorney general issued an opinion that found Daily Fantasy Sports to be a form of sports wagering, similar to the current wagering offered by Nevada Sports Books. Several Attorneys General have also issued opinions that Daily Fantasy Sports are a form of sports wagering.

A Florida state attorney general's opinion in called into doubt the legality of fantasy football contests, but companies have operated in the state without any legal action. Since then nine other AGs have issued options, statements or formal opinions that equate DFS with gambling.

However, several other Attorneys General have issued opinions that DFS are legal games of skill. In August in Kansas, due to uncertainty with the state's Racing and Gaming Commission position, [94] the state's attorney general issued an opinion that daily fantasy sports was a skill game and thus permitted under state law.

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback signed legislation a month later authorizing fantasy gaming. As of January , online fantasy sports are legal in 49 of the 50 US states. The only state with a ban on online fantasy sports that is codified in statute is Montana.

There have been other legal cases involving fantasy sports and the use of professional athletes' statistics for purposes of scoring. In , STATS, Inc.

The victory played a large part in defending other cases where sports leagues have tried to suppress live in-game information from their events being distributed by other outlets. The development of fantasy sports produced tension between fantasy sports companies and professional leagues and players associations over the rights to player profiles and statistics.

The players associations of the major sports leagues believed that fantasy games using player names were subject to licensing due to the right of publicity of the players involved. Since the player names were being used as a group, the players had assigned their publicity rights to the players association who then signed licensing deals.

During the s and s many companies signed licensing deals with the player associations, but some companies did not. The issue came to a head with the lawsuit of Major League Baseball Advanced Media MLBAM , MLB's Internet company, vs. Louis-based CBC Distribution and Marketing Inc.

When CBC was denied a new licensing agreement with MLBAM they had acquired the rights from the baseball players' association for its fantasy baseball game, CBC filed suit.

CBC argued that intellectual property laws and so-called "right of publicity" laws don't apply to the statistics used in fantasy sports. If MLB prevailed, it just would have been a matter of time before they followed up. Their player unions are just waiting for the opportunity. CBC won the lawsuit as US District Court Judge Mary Ann Medler ruled that statistics are part of the public domain and can be used at no cost by fantasy companies.

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