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Reseñas de Blackjack

Reseñas de Blackjack

But why ds it Blackjakc the Reseñas de Blackjack place, if there is no Reseñas de Blackjack you can satisfy yourself or the audience with Reseñas de Blackjack film?! Reseñas de Blackjack la primera se tiene en cuenta las Premios épicos en efectivo cartas Rezeñas Reseñas de Blackjack, Rsseñas como Reseñws única carta boca arriba del crupier. She's always worth watching. Blackjack is not one of Woo's best movies, but it still has a lot of his style. Dolph Lundgren stars as Jack Devlin a bodyguard who is blinded by a flash grenade which gives him a color phobia It gets even more ridiculous seems Devlin is afraid of the color white and is trying to stay low while he conquers his fear. Escarmiento y redención.

Reseñas de Blackjack -

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Entretenida y palomitera. John Kramer. Una más sobre cartas y nada más. Hay que saber cuándo parar. Para pasar un ratito viéndola en TV.

Qué pena. Andres Camara. Las cartas quedan sobre la mesa. Chris Jiménez. Si pudiera Chagolate con churros. Película sólo apta para ludópatas crónicos y para frikis de las matemáticas.

Entretenida, guión inconsistente.

Infinite Blackjack es uno Ee los Blackiack desarrollado por Evolution Gaminguno de los líderes en Reeñas de juegos en vivo y en especial de blackjack. Además Reseñas de Blackjack los clásicos, Sorteos de premios instantáneos siempre ir añadiendo a sus Blackhack unos giros Ressñas los hacen ser más especiales, como es el caso de Infinite Blackjack. Y si buscabas que el crupier en vivo repartiera cartas reales, aquí no va a ser así. Todo va a ser virtual y a diferencia del resto de juegos, podrás ver en la pantalla la información de cada movimiento del jugador. De hecho, en la mesa no habrá límite para jugadores. Cada jugador podrá hacer sus apuestas en un ambiente muy tranquilo, y contactar con el dealer mediante un chat en directo.

Reseñas de Blackjack -

Go watch the other John Woo movies instead! BroadswordCallinDannyBoy 17 June Jack Devlin is a bodyguard for high paying clients and his latest assignment has him protecting a supermodel from a killer. Deviln's weakness is fear of the color white yes you read that correctly and this killer he is after knows that proving his capture to be difficult.

This film is John Woo from beginning to end and any fan of the action director will instantly recognize that. Slow motion, dual handguns, fairly relentless action, and a strong focus on characterization. The problem is the film is boring. And I mean BORING.

Main reason being that while it contains many traditional Woo elements, they are presented on such a small scale and so underdeveloped that it is almost sad to acknowledge that this is John Woo action picture when it actually feels like a third-rate wannabe copycat of a John Woo action picture.

With almost every scene you'll just be going "that's it? yamaelle 30 January I'm sorry to write this, because I like pretty much John Woo 's work, but Blackjack really sucks. First, you get bored all the time, because the plot is inexistant, could be resumed as : How soon is DOLPH that great actor gonna get the woman and score.

The scenes of Actions with the few badguys playing in it maybe the others were watching for their reputations! are ridiculous, especially for a movie directed by John Woo. It's my duty to prevent you : avoid like plague that piece of crap made for TV. By the way, be preapared for the up-comming "Blackjack 2", it might be even worst!

Dolph and Woo: an unlikely combination coverme6 15 June Big Swede Dolph Lundgren stars as Jack Devlin, a bodyguard with a penchant for arming himself with so many handguns in his body, it would make Charlten Heston blush!

Devlin is hired to guard a hot fashion model named Cinder the fine Kam Heskin from a vicious serial killer on a huge ego-trip. Yet, this movie isn't as violent as his previous films, because obviously it was shown on the USA network.

In other words, a cable channel can't go for excessive gun-induced violence. Also, the editing in this film was lousy and trite as well. There was a scene where Devlin shoots a guy several times, supposedly killing the assassin. But later, the same man comes up unharmed, ready to try to waste our hero twice!

What, is that one hitman immune to bullets? The acting in this film is at least more decent than the production values.

Hey, Lundgren still needs to work on his lines, but compared to his past movies, at least the script is much smarter. Maybe it's just the actor who needs improvement. Overall, "Blackjack" is a good movie, but it ain't great folks. Go blame that on the fact that it is a. The-Sarkologist 22 October How can I describe Blackjack in one sentence?

Blackjack is The Bodyguard directed by John Woo. As such it leaves The Bodyguard and Bodyguard from Beijing for dead. It is far more than a chick flick, rather it is a movie in which each of the characters are flawed and are struggling with themselves and each other to come to terms with their weaknesses.

As in other Woo movies, the characters do not bask in their strengths, but the struggle through their weaknesses, and Jack Dolph Lundgrun seems to get more and more of them. At first he develops a phobia to the colour white, and then finds that he has become a father and he must slowly come to terms with this new development.

Cinder was a southern waitress but was discovered by a modelling agent who brought her to New York and she is stunning the crowds. The problem is that she is being pursued by an obsessed fan who wants to kill or, or he seems to be an obsessed fan. I will be revealing much of the details of this movie, so if you don't want it to be spoiled, then stop reading now.

The details are important to the studies of the main characters because it is their flaws that make them strong. Cinder and Jack are the main characters, everybody else supports them.

The little girl is cool, but once again she is only a support. We know that she is intelligent, and also know that she can count cards, but this is not developed in the movie.

The girl the a burden that Jack must deal with, and though the girl is burdened with the death of her parents, her development is left behind to focus on the development of Jack and Cinder, the two important characters.

Jack has a problem with white, and this is used extensively during the movie. We believe that this problem developed when he was temporarily blinded by a flash grenade and here the little girl helps him through , but soon we learn that his father used to drive a white Cadillac.

His father was a card counter and would work the casinos, and while doing that he would have a code to prepare a quick escape. Unfortunately one day his lighter did not work he flicked his light twice to tell is son to get the car and the mob grabbed him and killed him.

White is the traditional symbol of goodness and purity, but this causes Jack to constantly turn away. This seems to reflect an aspect of Christianity where the purity of God forces us, sinners, to turn away. Jack cannot get over the white himself, yet the movie falls down here as he struggles to overcome it, and when he does he is able to save the girl.

Yet we are never actually told that he has overcome it, rather he struggles through his weakness so that Cinder might survive. Cinder is an even more interesting character because more and more is revealed about her.

At first we know of her as a model, but soon we learn that she is a drug addict and it is because of pain that was inflicted upon her by a car accident earlier in her life.

She has a great pain, but tries to cover it up with drugs. This does not work for not only does it keep coming back, but she hallucinates and at one stage tries to throw herself off of a balcony.

By looking at her character we realise that she has a lot of problems and as such needs somebody to help her through. This is where the obsessed fan comes in.

At first with think it is a fan, but when we hear his voice, something clicks. He has a southern accent and she, we know, is from the south. As such we start to think that he is more than just a fan but has a stronger relationship with her.

Sure enough, we learn that he was at one stage her husband, and he is obsessed not with a model but with a wife that he lost and wants back. He claims that she needs him, but this desire to protect her is mixed with an anger and a desire to see her dead. Blackjack is not one of Woo's best movies, but it still has a lot of his style.

In my opinion his movies have become much worse since he moved to the United States, but this is a man who moved to the US because in Hollywood he could spend more time with his family.

His movies are still a higher quality than most, but generally are less outstanding that his Hong Kong efforts. DanTheManAD 23 November Had Blackjack not proudly bared John Woo's name I would not have given it the time of day, it feels like the movie you'd turn to only after you've exhausted every other option in the man's filmography, a career low point for Woo and not one I'd go out of my way to recommend.

However, it does boast some relatively passable action sequences, a halfway decent performance from Dolph and a surprisingly modest score, but not even Woo can save the fact that the story is hideously uninteresting and clichéd, the characters are paper thin, offensively bland and woefully acted but the real killer is that this TV pilot is nearly 2 hours long!

It's in desperate need of trimming down or better pacing as once you get to the 1-hour mark, you'll have seen everything this movie has to offer. The thing is, every John Woo movie has its fans so I'm sure there's probably someone out there who has recommended Blackjack for the Criterion release at some point.

He's just a great entertainer and has a very distinctive voice even when he's working with truly horrendous material. Overly long Woo movie modius 28 November I am a fan of John Woo's 80s and early 90s classics such as The Killer, Hard Boiled and the film that started the "heroic bloodshed" films - a better tomorrow.

This made-for-tv film is more in-liking to his older films, and unlike Broken Arrow - this has all the hallmarks of a John Woo film. But why does it have to be so overly long. Its so long it becomes ridiclousily boring.

The action sequences although good and in true Woo fashion OTT, are few and far between and have no pace or sharpness that I've come to expect from Woo's films.

Add to the problem that you've got Dolph Lungdren who can't act out of a paper bag. Although he really tries hard, Woo doesn't seem to get the best out of Dolph. Which is a pity really because he tries hard, but seems to stick in the b-grade version of Arnie he's played for the past ten years.

The plot has Dolph being bodyguard to a model when a psycho decides to stalk her. The bad guy is well played, and overshadows Dolph's boring lines. The film is however very bad in other places such as Dolph's fear of the color white. This is a silly attempt to show Dolph is human. This is laughably taken to the extreme when he must fight in a dairy farm we see Dolph spasm hammily - its not meant to be funny, but you can't help but laugh.

The rest of this overly-long TV film shows the cat-and-mouse games that Woo loves to play in his films. The film is too boring for it to register though, and you'd be better off watching older John Woo movies rather than this drabby affair.

Its Ok. This is differant for Dolph Lundgren, usually he only does B-Grade movies, but this one is a little differant. Its an enjoyable John Woo film with great action and great acting, But what the hell is up with him not being able to look at the colour White, that was a bite stupid. anyway I really enjoyed this film and would recommend it to anyone.

ndrew-1 12 March What a piece of crap. I find films of John Woo highly entertaining, sometimes they convey various stuff being not only violence and kick'n'shoot'em scenes. But here what we have got is just a piece of unwatchable crap. Fights, chases and shootings are not very impresive.

It is very unrealistic and depressing. The plot, and events are totally not possible, even for an action movie.

Dolph Lundgren, as usual, acts like a log. But that's nothing new, even his character is repulsively boring. Don't waste your time watching it because you won't gain anything.

You won't kill some time with pleasure, see any good action or have a chance to ponder on human existence. winner55 12 March Having directed two lifeless derivations from his Hong Kong classic "Once a Thief", Woo tries once more to direct a film for American television, and finally pulls it off.

This is decidedly a John Woo film while the "Thief" movies really felt like a imitations , but it is also decidedly a television movie, with all the good and bad that suggests. The worst aspects of television action films are that they 1 lack the kind of action we see in theatrical releases, 2 slow the narrative down to fill up time they are really series episodes expanded, after all , and 3 unbelievable and more than a little hokey.

Woo has evaded the two main problems which he didn't in his thief films - there's plenty of stunt-filled gunplay in this film, just as we expect from a Woo action film, and, although a bit over-long, "Blackjack" is never slow. As for the story being hokey and unbelievable - well, let's be honest - with the exceptions of "Bullet in the Head" and "Wind-Talkers" both very good films based on true stories Woo's films usually ARE hokey and unbelievable.

Woo doesn't make gritty crime sagas, he makes fantasy action films that happen to be set in the present day. There never was a hit-man like "The Killer", never any such "Hard-Boiled" cops as appear in the film of that title.

Woo's infamous sentimentality and Methodist sermonizing have long felt as though the man had some major themes to play out in these films - but with the two exceptions mentioned, he doesn't. Woo's action films are just great bloody ways to spend an afternoon - brilliantly orchestrated thrill-rides.

Finally, a note on Dolph Lundgren, and, in a supporting role, Fred Williamson - two of the most notorious hunks of wood ever put before the camera; yet Woo not only manages to find good roles for them, but also gets the best performances of their careers.

A fun film, expect nothing else from it. Miss K 18 May This is easily one of the WORST movies i have ever seen : shame on you M. Woo, after giving us some of the greatest action flicks ever!!

Makes me sick!! I think i managed 25mins before fast forwarding to the end. I have never seen it since, nor do i intend to. Avoid at ALL cost. After an attack on her parents, a pre-teen girl has to be put under protective custody.

The man put in charge of her safety is Jack Devlin, a U. Marshal who has no experience with kids. Sounds like a pretty standard, cliché setup for a made for TV flick, doesn't it?

What do you mean, it could be a sit-com? I suppose it could. I digress. In the hands of John Woo it well, it looks a whole heck of a lot better and more stylish than it would otherwise.

He definitely brings his brand of over-the-top, visually amazing action to this. The shoot-outs certainly bring this up to being worth at least a single rental for any fan of his.

Ultimately, however, the weak premise drags it down, and there aren't actually all that many original gags in the fun, exciting and at times awesome fights, gun-battles and chases.

It doesn't exactly help that the child grows irritating within the first few moments of the audience meeting her, and she's a pretty poor actor, as well. The editing and cinematography are quite nice, although obviously inferior to anything the director has done that wasn't this limited.

I can't entirely determine if you can really tell that it was meant to be a pilot or not apart from the ending leaving room for continued adventures. This does build tension well most of the times it tries to, and Lundgren is seldom disappointing in the lead of something like this.

There is eye-candy for young males in this. I recommend this to those who want a serving of the unique and instantly recognizable aesthetic, even if it's not of the same level of quality. subliminalwhisper 25 May I have never seen a movie more obnoxious than this, from all points of view.

It is practically impossible to do worse! Put simply, Dolph Lundgren is the real one man army!! Swedish-born Lundgren is Jack Devlin, a bodyguard for hire who holsters guns all over his body and uses playing cards as deadly projectiles.

He can take out an group of at least a dozen men armed with automatic guns with only the use of his pistols. Talk about unbeatable. This guy could teach Rambo lessons! Devlin's got one weakness, though, and that is the color of pure white. This is done so he's not portrayed as a complete superman!

But that doesn't mean it's perfect. This film has a lot of drawbacks!! For example, Devlin has an unlimited supply of ammo, meaning he never had to reload his guns! That was an error that should have been corrected.

But the dumbest mistake in this film is the fact that Devlin has a phobia of the color white! That is the dumbest fear ever since being afraid of having peanut butter stuck to the roof of your mouth I'm not kidding!! Plus, there were instances where Devlin touched a couple of white objects i.

doors and he didn't react to them! Those were one of the weirdest and most boneheaded doozies ever shown on TV, and with a master director like John Woo, they should have been corrected! But, despite all those miserable errors in this film, "Blackjack" is really a very enjoyable action flick, with great stunts, great performances especially of Lundgren's, this has to be his best role for a very long time and cool action sequences, which is typical John Woo-style adrenaline rushes.

Watch this movie if you're in the mood for a guilty pleasure! Entertaining action-6 19 May John Woo has made the impossible possible with Blackjack. He had poor actors that includes Lundgren , a poor script and a low-budget, but he still managed to make an entertaining actionmovie with all those obstacles.

The story is uninteresting and unrealistic, and its no point talking about it. See it if you are a Woo-fan or an action-fan.

Kilkenny 16 July This is truly the worst John Woo movie I ever saw. You see the first 10 minutes and you now how it's gonna work out. The only sign of John Woo in this movie are the "man-with-two-guns-shooting-and-flying-thru-the-air-in-slomo"-scenes :. An error has occured. Please try again. See also Awards FAQ User Ratings External Reviews Metacritic Reviews.

Create a list ». Dolph Lundgren. a list of 33 titles created 19 Nov a list of 38 titles created 13 Oct A Company - List 1. a list of 43 titles created 12 Jul No me suele gustar este género matemático pero en cambio si me han gustado mucho otras como "23",esta no es el caso,aburrida y para ver y reciclar.

No recomendable. Jose M Moratilla. Película entretenida para mi gusto más para televisión que para acudir a verla al cine, aunque es muy dinámica y engancha al espectador con la trama del argumento.

Pero no me llegó a concenver y a parecerme real, quizás porque no me gusta que lo que uno sabe por estudios se pueda usar para algunos usos, entre comillas, ilícitos, como es el caso que nos ocupa.

En algunos momentos me parece que el guión está un poco desordenado, aunque no sé si será un efecto buscado o la mano de un guionista inexperto. En definitiva, una película llena de actores jóvenes que poco a poco han ido saliendo a la palestra y tienen una prometedora carrera en el cine y, como maestro de escena, el gran Kevin Spacey, que es una pena que haga tan poco cine, y que desde luego con su actuación llena la pantalla, un actorazo que, creo, está muy por encima de esta película.

Muy entretenida. Una historia impecable y muy bien pensada.

Portada Cine Blackjacck las películas Resrñas de Drama Reseñas de Blackjack Ruleta Virtual Dinero Jack Opiniones sobre 21 Black Jack. Nota media. Escribir mi crítica. Mejores críticas Últimas críticas Usuarios que han publicado más críticas Usuarios con más seguidores. Filtrar por: Todas. Haz click aquí para copiar dde URL. Ficha Créditos Reseñas de Blackjack [] Reseñas de Blackjack Oportunidad Ganar Gratis Imágenes [3] Blu-ray [4]. Robert Luketic. Jim SturgessKate BosworthLaurence FishburneKevin Spacey Thriller Basado en el libro de Ben Mezrich "Bringing Down the House: The Inside Story of Six M.


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